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British Values

Promoting Fundamental British Values.


In accordance with The Department for Education we aim to actively promote British Values at Riverside School to ensure our young people leave school prepared for life in modern Britain. 


The Key Values are:

•    democracy
•    rule of law
•    individual liberty
•    mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs, and no faith.


The following are examples of activities that we believe promote British Values at Riverside School.  




        How we promote it at Riverside School



Sharing views, respecting others views.

  • We have a pupil selected School Council representing all classes.
  • Annual pupil vote for Head Boy and Girl.
  • Pupils are encouraged to listen to and respect each other through activities such as class news, circle time, carpet time and assemblies.
  • Group discussions and debates play an important part in lessons.
  • Democratic decision making in lessons and other activities such as breaks, clubs and enrichment activities.
  • Pupils are encouraged to listen and respect guest speakers such as visiting faith members and visiting artists/specialists. 
  • Participation in Youth Parliament for pupils in KS4 and Post 16.
  • School newspaper and newsletter.

Rule of Law

Laws are important to ensure everyone’s rights are respected.


  • School Council – discussions about rewards and sanction – fed back to classes.
  • Pupils are taught to respect school and subject/activity specific rules.
  • Dojo system used to reward good behaviour and choices. Choice time and Golden Time used to reinforce the positive reward system.
  • Pupils are encouraged to respect rules for learning – e.g. looking/listening/take turns/take part.
  • All pupils take part in Anti Bullying week activities.
  • School ethos encourages pupils to talk through problems, using restorative practice.
  • Teaching about consequences for actions – teaching right/wrong – making good choices – ongoing in all curriculum areas and activities.
  • Key stage appropriate teaching about laws and legal ages.

Individual Liberty

Being free to make own choices. Making wise decisions and doing what’s right.


  • Pupils have opportunities to make own choices in a range of activities eg. break times, clubs, some aspects of lessons, rewards, snacks.
  • PECs, Proloquo and signing used with non-verbal pupils to enable them to have a voice.
  • Social stories are used to encourage pupils to make good choices.
  • Pupils are given choices on what to do as part of behaviour management programme. 
  • Independence is promoted in all areas of school. Students are trusted to carry out tasks around school.
  • PSHE teaching at appropriate stages includes Relationships and Sex Education, drugs and alcohol, media awareness and online gambling – teaching facts so pupils can make good decisions in the future.
  • Citizenship lessons teach about being good citizens and making wise decisions in life.
  • Life skills lessons promote good decision making.
  • In RE pupils learn about different beliefs, views and values e.g. Marriage – learning about weddings, civil partnerships, same sex marriage and partnerships without marriage. Pupils experience religious and non-religious ceremonies. 
  • Post 16 – Making decisions on subjects and next steps after Riverside.

Mutual Respect and Tolerance

Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.


  • Riverside behaviour policy encourages pupils to be respectful and tolerant of each other in all areas of school and life.
  • Humanities/MFL teaching - learning about and celebrating other cultures and countries in lessons and through MFL days.  Yearly whole school MFL celebration Day.
  • Links with local church representatives and other faith members for visits, interviews, Harvest and Christmas celebrations, Ramadan and Eid, Riverside Church wedding.
  • Links with local registrar so pupils can make comparisons eg. Registry Office wedding,
  • Visits to places of worship eg local churches, minsters and Sikh gurdwara. RE Action Days at Howden and Beverley Minster.
  • Pupils learning enhanced through use of Persona dolls and figures representing people from different faiths and cultures plus a wide range of resources and artefacts.
  • Pupils are taught about teamwork in sports and many other school activities.
  • Pupils are encouraged to be actively involved in a range of community activities and projects including charities.
  • Pupil involvement in Castaway Music Theatre, play leaders, residentials, outings, clubs.