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Adjectives are words that are used to help describe or give description to people, places, and things. Sort the adjectives on the worksheet into their correct categories.

Choose the words and phrases that describe the Queen. Can you add any of your own? Complete at least 3 sentences to describe the Queen.

Can you find all seven words related to our learning about the Queen, and our book, The Queen's Knickers?

The Queens knickers: Listen to, or read the story. Describe how the family that received the Queens knicker hamper, instead of their picnic hamper might feel? What might they be thinking? What might they say to one another?

The Queens Knickers - Books Alive!

Books Alive reading of Nicholas Allan's The Queen's Knickers. Being Queen is a tough job there are many things she must get right and MOST important is what ...

Imagine you got to rule Britain for the day… what would you do? Would you change any laws? Would you ride the Queens horses? Would you take her corgis out for a lovely long walk? Or would you spend your day exploring Buckingham palace?

Here are 10 royal facts about our Queen. How many more can you find? Using the facts on the worksheet, and some of your own; create a factfile all about the Queen. This can be a poster, a powerpoint, a leaflet..... it's up to you how you present your work. I'd love to see them, so make sure you bring them in to school with you, or send them to me.