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22nd February 2021

Today’s Task

This term in Personal, Social, Health and Economic education – or PSHE – we will be learning about healthy lifestylesWe are going to start today by thinking about the food that we eat.

So let’s begin with watching the Healthy Eating video link below.


Next look at the Divided Plate Sorting PowerPoint. Decide where on the plate each food item should go, then click on a picture to see if you are right.


Your last job is to:

  • cut and stick a selection of foods – words, pictures or both – onto the plate printout below. You don’t have to use all the pictures, or your plate really will be full! (Higher)


  • complete the Healthy Eating Lunchbox activity (Lower)


If you can’t print out your worksheet, simply draw a plate or lunchbox and add your own pictures.

Eat well!