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Lesson 1

On pages 17 and 18 of George and the Dragon, the mouse moves in to the cave next door. It is cold and dark and draughty, with the furniture in all the wrong places. So imagine how excited George feels when, at the end of the story, he is given a cosy little hole in the castle wall.


Your job today is to use your wonderful imagination to create that cosy little mouse house. What you do think George will see when he steps through the hole into his castle cave?


Today’s Task

You can either make or draw your ideas for what George’s new home might look like.


  • If you have got an empty box and some other resources around, you can make a model of George’s royal mouse house.
  • Of if you’d prefer, you can do a detailed drawing to show what it looks like.


Think about each living area. What would a mouse need in his tiny kitchen space, his miniature bedroom and his teensy weensy sitting area? Include lots of detail and colour. You will use your work today to help with the writing task in your next lesson.


 Talking and Sharing

For some great ideas and inspiration, watch this BBC clip about a group of artists who make amazing miniature mouse houses and shops in the most unexpected places.