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1st March 2021

Today’s Task

This week – with Spring just around the corner - we are learning about the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival and thinking about music that is inspired by flowers.


  • First of all, look at the PowerPoint below. It tells you about this Japanese celebration, which is also known as the Hanami Festival.
  • Next, follow the link to relaxing Japanese music and look at beautiful photographs of the blossoms. How does it make you feel?
  • Another piece of music that famously celebrates flowers is Waltz of the Flowers, a classical piece by Tchaikovsky. You will see from the link below that this famous composer wrote the music for a ballet called The Nutcracker. Do you like it?
  • Your last job is to colour a picture of Japanese Cherry Blossom. If you cannot print the picture, you could paint your own tree. All you need is brown paint for the trunk and branches, and pink paint to make fingerprint blossoms.