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8th February 2021

Continuing with the focus on special celebrations:


What celebrations did we name last week?


There’s a certain celebration coming up soon – does anyone know what this is?


Easter is comping up soon. Easter is a very special celebration for Christians. In particular we are going to look at Shrove Tuesday and Lent.


Shrove Tuesday is 16th February this year – during school holidays.


Have a look at the following PowerPoints and then have a go at making pancakes yourself. Take a picture of you trying to flip the pancake!

Have a relax after eating all of those pancakes and listen and watch this story, Mr Wolf's Pancakes.

Mr Wolf's Pancakes

Award-winning author, Jan Fearnley, reads the first Mr Wolf Story, MR WOLF'S PANCAKES. Enjoy!I'm sorry this video is blurry, it was made aaaaages ago. I'm wo...