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1st February 2021

This week we are going to look at statistics. We will be looking at different types of graphs.

Day One 

Pictographs. Do the work in the PowerPoint first and then complete the worksheets.

As an extra challenge can you make a pictogram using the scale that you were using at the start of this lesson? The next document is blank squared paper, you can make up your own numbers for the colours.

Day Two 

Bar Charts. Do the work in the PowerPoint first and then complete the worksheets.

As a challenge, have a go at drawing your own bar chart...DON'T FORGET TO USE A RULER!

Day Three 

Tally Charts. 

Tally charts are a quick way of collecting information. Each number is represented by a stick. For example 3 = III     4 = IIII Each time we get to a multiple of 5 we put the 5th stick through the other 4 and make it look like a gate.

See if you can make a tally chart for this spring picture:

Next we are going to look at Block Charts. Here is a web page that has been created to help explain what they are:
Use the information from the tally chart that you created with the spring picture, to have a go at creating your own block chart. 

Day Four

Consolidate your skills by playing these games: