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22nd February 2021

Day One:

Circle Time - Online Session - Speaking and Listening skills with friends about their half term holidays. You need to tell us about what you have done, listen to questions from your friends and answer them. You also need to listen carefully to what they have been doing and ask them questions about this.


Write at least 5 sentences about what you have done over the half term holidays.


Day Two:


When words rhyme they sound the same at the end of the words. Watch this Jack Hartmann video to remind you. Watch it a few times so that your brain gets used to the sounds.

Exercise, Rhyme and Freeze | Rhyming Words for Kids | Exercise Song | Jack Hartmann

Rhyme with Jack and each time the words rhyme exercise with Jack. If the words don't rhyme freeze each time. This is a fun freeze and exercise song with rh...

Can you find the odd one out?
Have a go at completing page one of this activity. Once you have done this can you think of any other words that might rhyme with these ones? Write them down.

Day Three:

Today we are going to re-cap what we know about rhyming using this PowerPoint pages 1-13.

Now, using the same PowerPoint can you add the missing words that would make sense in the poems about Ronald's friends. 

Look at pages 14 - 17.

Have a look at this worksheet, are you able to put the words into the correct rhyming section?
We are going to finish today by looking at some riddles. Have a look at the 'What Am I?' PowerPoint. Can you work out which animal the riddles are about?

Day Four:

Yesterday, we began looking at riddles. Riddles give us clues to solve. Can you remember any of the riddles from yesterday? Remind yourself and look at pages 14 - 17 from yesterday.


Now, ask an adult to print out these cards for you and cut them out. Make one pile of animal pictures and another pile of animal riddles. Can you match the rhyme and riddle? If you find the reading difficult, ask an adult to help you.

Day Five:

Today is our handwriting session (remember this is only a short session as then we usually have Golden Time).

Practise writing these words neatly. Each word should be written at least three times, remember to tick the one that you think is the neatest. (Sophie and Riley you should both be doing joined up handwriting).