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Lesson 2

Today’s Task

You have looked at the parts of a plant, as well as the special job of each part. Today I would like you to go on a walk around your garden or near to your home (staying safe and following guidelines, of course).


On your walk, observe the wild flowers, garden flowers and trees around you. Do you know the names of any?

Look at the size of different plants, the colours of petals and the shapes of leaves.


If possible, pick some wild flowers and gather interesting tree leaves so that you can draw them once you are back home. You may even be able to pull up a small wild flowering plant with roots, so you can have a careful look at the whole plant.


You could try some leaf rubbing too. All you need is a plain sheet of white paper to cover your interesting leaf, then simply rub over the top with a wax crayon.


Please check with a grown-up if you plan to pick any garden flowers!