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Lesson 1

This week we are beginning a new book called The Paper Bag Princess. Like your last book, it has a dragon and – obviously – a princess! The story, though, is very different. I wonder which you’ll like best.


I would you to follow the link below and listen to the story.


Please DON’T watch it all the way to the end! I would like you to stop at the page where the princess shouts in the dragon’s ear. The page ends…‘The dragon was so tired he didn’t even move’.


Today’s Task

Your job is to think about words that you feel would best describe a princess or prince. For example, a princess might be kind or pretty and a prince might be strong.


Discuss your ideas with a grown-up, then look at Activity Sheet 1 below. Your task is write your ideas around each picture.


When you have done that, you can look at Activity Sheet 2 which might give you some other ideas for words. Have a chat with your grown-up about these words. Do you think they are good descriptions or not?