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Lockdown Photos- 2020

Hello Class SWT

Its so long since we saw you that we are starting to forget what you all look like! We would love to see how your all are and what you have been doing while at home. The adults have started you off with photos of some of the things they have been doing over the last couple of months. It would be great if you could send a/some photos in as well so that I can add to the page for us all to see. 

Get snapping! If the adults can do it then you can too. 

Keep checking this page and will add photos as I get them.

From Mrs Wilson-Thurlow and the SWT Team. 

Tally's Lockdown photos

On my new swing with Mum… built by my dad for my birthday
Superhero Poster
Building a sandcastle at Danes Dyke
Millington Woods with my Dad
Superhero Salad
Bridlington Beach on my 15th Birthday with my brother
A long walk along Filey Beach
My Lighthouse using painted rice to make the sand.

Meet Timba and Daisy, my Cocker Spaniels.

Trying to get dogs to sit still is hard work!
nearly there ...
they're off again.

Out and about with Charlotte and the dogs.

cooling off!

Mrs Bottomley has been taking walks in a local nature reserve.

Mrs DeLittle has been very busy!

Green fingers!
Mrs D's dog is better behaved than mine!
Feeding the birds.
Mrs D and her family.
Out for a wet and windy walk with Reuben!

It looks like lots of fun at Mrs Wilburn's. She has enjoyed being in the garden and walks on the riverbank. She has also done some pond dipping and raised frog spawn to tadpoles which have now grown into frogs and left home! She has enjoyed baking and Mr Wilburn has made the boys a mini adventure playground from an unwanted climbing frame. They have been keeping very busy with jobs around the house and garden.

Mrs Coates has been looking after her children and doing some home DIY.

Picnic time!
In the sun.
That looks like fun!
Garden Project.
You've been very busy Mrs C!
Thankyou Alfie for these wonderful photos. You have obviously been very busy! 

Alfie has been very busy baking, exercising and even finding time to relax.

These look delicious!

Thankyou for the photos Mia. I know you've had a very busy week but it also looks like you're making time to have lots of fun as well.

Shooting some hoops.
Mia found a Den on a walk in the woods.
Ice-cream at Hornsea.
Giving her sister a piggy-back.
A walk by the river.
Baked a birthday cake for Tony.
A trip to Scarborough.
A sunny walk.
It's lovely to see what everyone is doing at home and I'm looking forward to receiving more photos from the class. Please email to