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Lesson 1

Today’s Task

Last week you watched the Disney / Pixar 'Inside Out' film.


A movie is one of the ways that a story might be told. Can you think of other ways that we might enjoy stories?

We might:

  • Read a book to ourselves.
  • Have someone else read a book to us.
  • Listen to someone telling a story that they keep in their heads.
  • Watch a play at a theatre, like the pantomime at Junction in Goole.


Reading and listening to stories is a really important part of our learning. It helps us to extend our vocabulary (or learn more words) and to use our imagination in wonderful ways.


So today your rather lovely job is to listen to stories!


Right at the bottom of the Home Learning page on our school website, you will find an icon for Storybook Videos. Click and you can access videos of our school staff reading their favourite tales.


You don’t have to watch them all. Just choose the ones you fancy. Notice how the grown-ups use their voices in different ways to make the stories more interesting.


Happy listening!