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Lesson 1

About the book

Over the next few lessons, we will be looking at the story of George and the Dragon by author and illustrator Chris Wormell.

Today’s tasks will help you get to know the story and the author.


Listen to the story of ‘George and the Dragon’.

Do you like the story? Which is your favourite part?


Talking and Sharing

Discuss your book with an adult. Here are a few ideas of things you might think about or look at.

  • Which words are repeated on the first page?
  • Think of some words to describe the way the dragon looks.
  • What else might the dragon fly ‘faster than’? He flew faster than…
  • Can you spot the chairs and tables in the mouse’s house? Why are they in such a strange place?
  • Who is the girl in the blue dress?
  • Look at George’s tea. What would you have on the table for your favourite tea?


Think of some questions that you could ask about the book, write them down and ask them to the person who is working with you.


Extension task

The author has his own website. You might like to take a look. He is a wonderful artist as well as a children’s author. Check out the fantastic dinosaur illustration on his home page!


You could also look at the Children’s Books on his website. Which of his other books would you most like to read?