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Lesson 2

Re watch the story of George and the Dragon. It tells us that ‘There was nothing so fierce and so terrible as the mighty dragon.’


Today’s task

Draw a picture of your very own dragon and colour it however you would like. Add labels to show his (or her) fiery breath, his tail and his wings, as well as anything else you can think of.

Try and include interesting adjectives (describing words) in your labels, for example ‘Smoky nostrils’.

Some of you might want to get even more creative, for example ‘Claws like silver swords’ or ‘Scales as big as dinner plates’.


Talking and Sharing

Pause at each page and see if you can spot some describing words in the story.

Look at the picture showing George’s scrumptious tea. Can you think of interesting adjectives to describe some of the food on the table? Make a note of your favourites to share with your friends tomorrow.