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Gardening Work


I will add copies of the worksheets on here as well as Teams so you can access them here if you are having problems on Teams.


Hope that helps!


Mr Kelly

Lesson 5 - Monday 8th February

Use the worksheet, or your own document, to plan what you would like to plant in our outdoor area.


There are two raised beds and two allotment beds outside.


There is the greenhouse and the poly tunnel were we could plant inside.


There is also a small patch by the hedge.


Our ideas, so far, are to grow vegetables for soup or for some salad. Could you think of anything else?


See if you can find some planting calendars online or in gardening books to help you.

Lesson 4 - Monday 1st February

Please fill in the table with information about the birds we are likely to see in our gardens (and a heron).


You can use to find information, or any other books or sources you have.


The song identifier will help you to describe the bird calls


Once you have completed your table, chose one bird to create an information poster about.


You can use the information you have found and add some extra information that you know!


Try to include pictures as well as writing.

Monday 25th January - Bid Bird Watch


RSPB Big Schools' Birdwatch (and Big Garden Birdwatch)


This weekend is the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch where the RSPB want as many people as possible to count the number of birds they see in their gardens.


There is also a Big School Birdwatch where we can count the birds at school as well.


This week, leading up to the weekend, I would like you to try to spot the birds that already visit your garden. I will share some hand tools to help you identify the different types of birds.


I would also like you to think about the ways you can encourage the birds to visit your garden.


Then, next week, we can look at how we can share the information we have about the birds that we have seen.


Here are the websites I shared with you:


Teach it Live lesson on Thursday 28th January 


RSPB Bird Identifier


RSPB Song Identifier


RSPB Online Games


Explorify at Home,ZXPN,5RPBNW,4I6HS,1

Lesson 1 - Monday 11th January 2021