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22nd February 2021

Money - Day One

We are going to begin by working on recognising different British money. Perhaps you have some at home that you could look at that will help you with this learning?


Let's start by looking at this PowerPoint, it shows us all the different coins and notes that we use in Britain. Look out for the helpful hints on the coins and notes that show you how much things are worth.


I'd now like you to have a go at the following worksheets.

Start with the Coin Recognition sheet - this is a matching activity.

Secondly, have a go at the Coin Detective sheet - you'll need coloured pencils for this activity.

Finally, seee if you can put the coins in order from the smallest to the largest on the Coin Ordering sheet.

Money - Day Two

It is sometimes difficult for us to count with money. Each coin has a different value and so we have to remember we don't count 'how many coins' there are, we have to count 'how much the coins are worth'. Sometimes we can help ourselves by drawing dots under the coin that show how many 'pence' they are worth. You could do this, or use something that represents each 'one' like a piece of dried pasta. Chat to you adults and see what works best for you.

Begin by getting your brain working by working through this PowerPoint - once it get's to difficult for you then please stop and move on to the next activity.

Depending on how you got on with the PowerPoint, select an appropriate sheet to have a go at totalling (adding up) how much money is in the jar.

Money - Day Three

We are now going to look at adding two different amounts of money together. This is called 'totalling amounts'. You can either use counting on in your head, counting on using a number line or a number square or column additon. Please use the method that you are comfortable with.

The worksheets have different amounts on them. Choose amounts that you feel comfortable with, see which ones you can do on your own and which ones you need an adult to give you a little support with.

Money - Day Four

Let's practise finding the right coins that make amounts. You will have to use your adding skills again so that you use the EXACT coins to make the total amount.

Firstly play this game - click on the purple button that says 'mixed coins' and then select an 'Exact amount' that you feel comfortable with.