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25th January 2021

Today’s Task

There are many challenges in our world at the moment, but also lots of things to be happy about.

Today we are going to focus on all the good things in our world, and the bits that we can help make even better.


  • Your first task is to look with a grown-up at the ‘Choose Kindness’ read and discuss activity below. With the help of your adult, look at the Daily Questions and think about the kind things that you have done today.
  • Your second task is to fill in the worksheet – ‘A positive world’.


Enjoy a lovely day full of kindness and smiles!


Extension Activity

If you are going to the shops (but please don’t go on a special trip), you may like to pick up some cheap makeup sponges and make some emotions emoji squishies.


Draw an emoji face onto each round makeup sponge with a permanent marker.


Set them aside overnight to dry. It is important that you resist the urge to squish them until they are fully dry or the faces will smear.


Follow the link below for some ideas on what to draw.