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5th November 2020

Home learning tasks: 


1. Reading comprehension - read about Guy Fawkes and answer the questions. 

There are two levels of challenge to choose from. 

Things to think about:

How do you think Guy was caught? Do you think he got a fair trial? Could this happen today? 



2. How do you think detective work and policing has changed over time? 


Explore the BBC Bitesize guide to law and order:

October 2020
The theme for this term is Detectives. To inspire our work we looked at the story of Tuesday. You can watch it again here: 


Writing task


Write or draw the story of the flying pigs that are in the last scene of the story. You can create a cartoon strip or storyboard. 



Where did they come from? What were they doing before they started to fly? Where did they fly to? Where will they fly next? What will happen in the end?



Can you give the reader clues to solve the mystery of who or what had made the pigs fly? 




Talking task


Find out about your family's favourite fictional detective characters.


Can you name the characters in the picture quiz? 

Murder in the Jewellery store!


Watch the cartoon crime. Retell the events of the crime in your own words, using the pictures to help you. 



Watch to 1 min 30. Can you use the clues to work out who committed the crime?

Crime Report


Write a crime report for the jewellery store murder. Think about the key facts that would need to be included. 


Can you invent a motive for the crime? 

Hungry Harvest Heist


 Use spelling and word class knowledge (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs) to solve the mystery of the Hungry Harvest Heist.