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25th January 2021

In Maths we are carrying with measuring things, but this time we are measuring 'mass'. Mass is how much something weighs / how heavy or light it is.

Words that we use with this are things such as heavy, heavier, heaviest, light, lighter and lightest.


Below is the work for Day One:

Have a look at the PowerPoint below. Are you able to make a sensible prediction to answer the questions about heaviest and lightest? If you have these items at home maybe you could hold the items in your hand and compare the weight of them - ask your adult to take a photograph of you doing this.

Look for some things in your house that you can compare the weight of. Which one is heaviest, which one is lightest. Can you draw these on a piece of paper? Can you use the < > or = sign to say which one is the heaviest or lightest? REMEMBER the crocodile mouth likes the biggest number, so that means the heaviest one!


Below is the work for Day Two:

Have a look at the PowerPoint below. These are weighing scales. The item that is the heaviest means that the scales go lower down, the item that is the lightest means that the scales go higher up in the air. If the items weigh the same then the scale goes in the middle and it is equal (=).

Now that you have done that task, have a go at ordering this next activity.

Below is the work for Day 3:

We are now going to have a go at reading weighing scales. Weight is measured in grams (g) and kilograms (kg).

Below you will find a link to an interactive weighing scale programme. Your Class Teacher will model how to use this during one of your online lessons. You can also ask your adult to help you use this website. Can you make certain measurements using the weights? Can someone at home put weights on the scale and ask you to read it? Take pictures of you doing this work and send it to your Class Teacher.

Now have a go at reading the scales on this worksheet:

Below is the work for Day Four:

Here is a suggested recipe for you to follow - Gingerbread People. You might want to make something else at home, the important thing is that you are weighing and measuring items. Ask your adults to take photographs of you weighing things and perhaps you can share a treat with them too!