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25th January 2021

Over the next few weeks we will be focusing on Japan for our Humanities work connecting it to the Olympics. 

This week you will be looking at the style of writing they use in Japan. You will be trying to right the numbers in Kanji which is known to be one of the most complicated ways to write. However, some of the number symbols are easier than others which is why we're going to have a go. 


Below is a PowerPoint, the numerals from 0-10 to support you in trying to learn the number in Japanese but also have a go at writing them in Kanji. Also have a go at saying the numbers in Japanese. 

There is a Japanese page border I have uploaded so if you are able to it print off, you can use this to write your numbers on. 


Arigato (Thank you)

Numbers Song in Japanese すうじのうた

It's a numbers song in Japanese.