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25th January 2021

Talking and Sharing

Have you ever stopped to think of all the different ways that computers are used in the world?


How do you think computers are used in different ways? Do you have ideas about things that might need computers to make them work?


Chat with a grown-up. They might have some ideas too!


Today’s Task

Create a word document and put a title at the top of your page – How People Use Computers.


Your task is to copy and paste pictures from the internet showing your ideas on different ways we use computers, or of things that you think might need a computer to make them work. For example, a camera works like a little computer and the school whiteboard is a big computer.


Add words to your document – and remember to practise using different sizes and colours for your writing.


A few clues…

If you are finding it difficult to gather ideas, watch the video link for BBC Bitesize – Using Computers at Work. You might find a few things you hadn’t thought of!