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18th January 2021

This week we are learning all about measuring length and height. We are going to start by measuring things with non-standard units of measurement. This can mean things like: paperclips, cars, cubes etc. 

I'd also like you to order the dinosaurs or the beanstalks / leaves in height order.

Below is the work for Day One:

Let's carry one measuring, but today let's use standard units of measurement. There is a Metre Tape Measure and a small ruler in the work added below. Make / use your own ruler and metre stick and look at the centimetres (cm) that are the units of measurement.

Before you begin any of the worksheets, look at the PowerPoint: are you able to get the measurement answers correct?

Below is the work for Day Two:

We are going to continue our measuring work today. This is the first level work. I'd like Harry, Riley and Sophie to try the second level work.

Below is the work for Day Three:

Harry, Riley and Sophie - you will have done enough practising of measuring and drawing lines. I'd now like you to start working out the 'perimeter' of shapes. 'Perimeter' means the length around the whole of a shape.

Below is your work for Day 3:

Today I'd like you to consolidate your learning from this week by playing these measurement games.

Below is your work for Day Four:

Riley - Here's a challenge for you today!

Are you able to convert these measurements from cm to m? Can you remember how many centimetres are in a metre? Ask someone at home to print these out and cut them up for you or write them out onto different pieces of paper for you.

You can play the games above but also here is Day Four work for you: