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Admission Procedures

Admissions at Riverside School

We would recommend as a first step that you visit us and see if you think your child would fit with what we are able to offer. We are carefully managing the change of both the growth in numbers and the range of students we can support. The school is gradually changing from MLD with Complex Needs to SLD in order to fulfil the LA brief to be able to cater for children with a greater variety of additional needs, as are the other two schools, Kingsmill and St Anne’s. The school is changing “from the bottom up” with children being admitted with more complex needs.

There is currently no plan to build a residence within the “Common Offer”.

The application process is the same across the area and is dealt with by the SEND team at County Hall in Beverley. Therefore our Admission Procedure is that of the Local Authority. Every child currently in the school has an EHCP on arrival. The Governors are discussing having assessment places for those under 5 with the idea that an EHCP is being drafted and, to remain at Riverside when the age of 5 is reached, an EHCP will have been finalised.

Typically the SENCO in your child’s school will have gathered reports and begun this process involving both you as parents, the class teacher and other agencies such as the Educational Psychology service plus any Health and Social Care reports that need to be considered for a receiving school such as Riverside. We need to be able to make a judgment as to whether your child sits within our designation and whether we believe we can meet your child’s needs. This decision is submitted to the LA Panel for consideration along with a suggested funding level that we would require.

The desired school’s name should be stated in the EHCP though more than one can be stated. So often places have been allocated and places filled by Easter, so we would recommend early applications in the school year after visiting us and if later in the year to add a phrase such as by September 20__ or earlier if possible. Consultation papers received after we are “full” in any sector of the school may not be considered in any depth.

We publish a list of Prospective Parents’ Mornings throughout the year [most of them before Easter] and would recommend that you ring the school to book a place on one of these so that you can ask questions both in a group or privately if you prefer before beginning the process which can be lengthy. 

We look forward to meeting you and giving you the opportunity to see us at work.


East Riding of Yorkshire Special School Admission Procedures


If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below.