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22nd February 2021


Where do we belong and what does that look like? 

Look at page 1-2 of this PowerPoint:

Now let's read a story about a really special place to belong in...The Carrot Club...


(I am having difficulties uploading the story but here is a link to it being read aloud).

Carrot Club | Twinkl Originals Children's Book Reading

Today's story is Carrot Club. What is your favourite vegetable? Listen to the story, then try the learning activities.Ages 3-5? Look here 👉 https://www.twin...

Questions to think about:

What did you think about the Carrot Club at the beginning of the story?


What were good things about the Carrot Club?


What were bad things about the Carrot Club?


How did the other vegetables feel about Carrot Club?


Are you part of any clubs?


How does it feel to be part of clubs?


Have you ever been made to feel left out of clubs?



Pick two or three of these speech / thought bubble pages and fill them in.